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Train With Maine Gainz

High School Strength & Conditioning


Periodized programs that are designed to make athletes move better, get stronger, get faster, get more explosive, and most importantly perform better. Stop doing random workout and train smarter than the competition. This isn't some generic program. This is strength training.

Monday - Wednesday - Friday


Ongoing Signup - 6 Week Blocks

Middle School Strength & Conditioning

Middle school is the perfect time to introduce young athletes to the weight room. They'll learn basic movement patterns with an emphasis on technique over load. A mix of fun games and challenging sessions that will foster a love of health and fitness.


Temporarily Unavailable

Personal Training


Do you have specific goals in mind? Do you need a flexible training schedule? We will design an individualized training program to meet your specific goals and support you every step of the way.

Online Personal Training

Unable to meet in person but still want to experience individualized training? Programs sent directly to you accompanied by weekly check ins. Flexibility to allow you to train the way you love.

The Forever Athlete

Despite the name, this program isn't just for athletes. It's for anyone who wants to train to be *athletic*. By joining the Forever Athlete team you'll move better, move faster, get stronger, and become more explosive. Dominate life and your rec leagues by never "losing your step" like most people complain about as they age.

Speed School

Coming soon!


Pre Season Sport Specific S&C


Train specifically to meet the demands of your sport. Progressive programming that will get athletes faster, stronger, and more explosive so they can dominate the competition. Don't let training be the limiting factor in performance.

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