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Rugby In-Season Strength Training

The rugby season is long and extremely physically demanding. Your strength training needs to be designed to help you meet those demands and have you peaking when playoffs comes around, not burning out.

This program is designed to do just that. 3 workouts a week for 12 weeks, strategically designed for you to progress in a way that will make you a better rugger.

No matter your position on the pitch, you can benefit from this program. Power and strength are attributes every player needs to be successful.

See for yourself.

Project Washed Up

Ready to start training like an athlete?

This program is designed to improve your athleticism by having you moving and performing like an athlete, regardless if you are still playing competitively or not. As we age, it's important to preserve and develop athletic abilities like power, speed, and plyometrics.

PWU balances heavy lifting and explosive movements to develop athletic qualities seen in sport. Whether your goal is to crush rec league, improve your golf game, or be able to keep up with the kids, your training needs to be geared towards developing specific athletic qualities.

Using scientifically backed principles and gym experience, this program will help you be the most athletic you've ever been. Bridging the gap between health and performance.

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