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Jenni Laferriere 

Speed, Strength, & Conditioning Coach

Ownership - Leadership - Education

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Maine Gainz

Hi! My name is Jenni and I'm a Speed, Strength, & Conditioning Coach located in Yarmouth, Maine, where I live with my wife Zoe and our dog Bruno. I graduated from the University of New England with a bachelors degree in Applied Exercise Science. I played varsity rugby in college and continue to play on a competitive club team in ME.

I started Maine Gainz to provide efficient and effective training for athletes looking to improve their strength, power, and speed, while decreasing their risk of injury. Developing these attributes in the weight room helps athletes be able to express them in their sport

I see too many athletes following random programs that don't relate to their sport. Or they try to do it on their own without the knowledge and guidance to actually make improvements.


My goal is to bridge the gap between the weight room and the sport by making well rounded, elite level athletes.



I always look forward to training sessions with Jenni because she’s so supportive of me as a person and as an athlete. Jenni is focused on helping me achieve my goals and makes sessions challenging & fun. I’m more confident in my ability to lift now and my strength has more than doubled.

Ava Feeley

The coaches in this program have helped me gain a strong base by focusing on technique first before adding weight or exercise difficulty. They have helped me gain a lot of strength and endurance, improving my performance on the field.



Jenni Laferriere


North Yarmouth, ME 04097

Tel: (207) 207 - 8050


Facebook: Maine Gainz

Instagram: @maine.gainz & @the_gainzter

TikTok: @the_gainzter

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